Why is Landscaping Gaining Traction?

Landscaping refers to when trees and other such plants are gathered to create a space of beauty, be it in a quiet neighborhood or a busy city. Nowadays, you can see impressive landscaping projects such as urban pocket parks, rooftop gardens, and backyard oases. Landscaping is not cheap, but why is it still worth investing in?

Here are 5 reasons behind the importance of landscaping:

Helps Manage Soil Pollution

Factory pollution is a serious type of pollution. The areas near factories are poisoned by all kinds of chemical spills, toxic waste, and emissions. Just getting rid of factories is not feasible at this moment, but landscaping can help mitigate a few of the issues. This is because plants purify the soil that has been contaminated by factories. A few plants like alfalfa and sunflower are very good at this, gaining them the nickname “superplants.”

Conserves the Environment

Sprawling cities are harmful for the environment. We are well aware of the negative consequences of deforestation as well as shrinking green spaces. Landscaping offers an opportunity to aptly preserve and shield the environment. Planting any kind of native flora, averting chemicals, and tending to environmental problems keep green spaces thriving and healthy.

Assists in Cleaning the Air

Plants can clean the air as well as the soil, and trees are more effective at this task of purification. The Earth’s forests absorb nearly ⅓rd of global emissions every year. Tree leaves, along with the leaves of all plants, absorb pollutants such as ozone, smoke, and nitrogen oxides, filtering them in good time from the air. Cities purify polluted air by including more landscaping. Landscapers require good plans in place, and not any and every plant will work. Note that the best trees have large leaves. Planners need to consider factors such as spacing, water availability, and wind patterns.

Facilitates Water Management

Water can be a sustainable resource, but it is surely not limitless. It has to be managed carefully, and landscaping can always help. By prioritizing all water drainage solutions, landscapers eventually create rain gardens, protect natural waterways, and rejuvenate wetlands. Wetland-friendly landscaping is more important since wetlands are endangered. These areas can purify stormwater, encourage biodiversity, and control floods.

Creates a Cooling Effect

Cities can be very hot, forming what is known as “heat islands.” This is when temperatures in the city are much warmer than the nearby rural areas. The existence of cars, concrete, and such human activities are behind the increasing warmth. People run their air conditioners, and in turn, make the world warmer but the interesting thing is that trees are nature’s air conditioners. They bring down the temperature in heat islands.

On summer days, backyards with trees can be 6-degrees cooler than yards without trees. Even if you are not directly in the shade, surrounding temps will go down, which means people will use air conditioners less, in turn reducing emissions.

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